Venture Rugged Forklift Reader with Integrated Antenna

Spec Sheet


The Venture Research Forklift solution provides fully integrated reader/ antenna configurations in a sealed enclosure. The sealed enclosures allow RFID tracking in environments that are high humidity or chilled environments with high condensation or wash down requirements. The integrated reader is well suited for the food processing industry. Additionally the readers are suitable for outdoor and yard tracking requirements by providing an IP65 or NEMA 4 rating.

Brief Specification

  • Model: FORK-RDR
  • Reader: 1 Watt- 2 Port GEN2
  • Trigger: Software, Embedded Photoeye (3′ range), Optional External Photo Eye or switch
  • Antennas: Internal 3dBic Circularly polarized, connection for External (RP-TNC) to auxiliary antenna
  • Power: Power Over Ethernet- VR Battery Pack – DC 10V-48V Direct regulated input
  • LED Indicators: Red, Yellow and Green diffuse LEDs
  • Data: TCP / IP, Serial or WiFi
  • Network: Configurable IP, Port, HostName, DHCP option, direct autonomous HTTP updating
  • Connection: Serial (DB9), Cat5/6 (RJ45), optional WiFi w/ SMA antenna mount
  • Communication: Integrated Serial RS232, 10 Mbps Ethernet- Optional WiFi, GPS, GSM or ZigBee, HTTP, SNMP
  • Protocol: Simple text based configuration and tag read stream ( via Telnet). Online help is built in for all commands. Up to 5 independent sessions.
  • Speciality Modes: Conveyor, Pulse, Fork Lift, Continuous Read, Height
  • Antenna Select: Internal and Optional External Monostatic, optional 4 port or 3 port antenna switch.
  • Stacklight: Integrated Interface for External Stacklight, Annunciator or direct GPIO 4

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 4.5 in


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