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Easily move beyond bar code technology with Speedway Connect UHF RFID reader software from Impinj. Speedway Connect software provides customers with a cost-effective method for readily converting bar code read points to RFID technology with minimal disruption to existing operation.

Speedway Connect software for the Impinj family of readers enables the replacement of bar codes with Impinj RFID technology at minimal investment. Also enabling a straightforward means of controlling the Speedway Revolution reader, by providing an easy-to-use graphical user interface for setting basic reader configurations.
Eased integration into existing applications with multiple data output options including USB-HID, serial, and other formats is also now possible. The Speedway Connect software is a bridge to the wave of the future. By easing in to the use of RFID with this tool, users can experience new operational productivity, become more knowledgeable about the technology, and discover for themselves how RFID is changing the landscape

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