MTI MT-263003/N Outdoor Antenna (FCC)


Spec Sheet


Just one antenna in the MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. family, the MT-263003 is a prime choice when deciding to purchase an outdoor RFID antenna. Unlike many of the other outdoor antennas in MTI’s arsenal, the MT-263003 uses linear polarization. With a gain of 10 dBi and an IP Rating of 54, this antenna offers extraordinarily long read ranges along with the durability of an outdoor antenna.

∗There are NO cables included when purchased. Cables MUST be purchased Separately. For help, please either call or email us and a member of the Gateway team will assist you with any of your purchasing needs.

Brief Specifications

  • Frequency: 902-928 MHz
  • Polarization: Linear Polarized
  • Gain: 10 dBi
  • Size: 12 x 12 x .98 (in); 305 x 305 x 25 (mm)
  • Mounting: 4 threaded studs
  • Connector: N-Type Female
  • IP Rating: IP 54
  • Operating Temperature: -55° to +71°C

Why buy the MTI MT-263003?

The MTI MT-263003 Outdoor Antenna offers the perks of linear polarization in a compact and durable plastic antenna, along with boasting longer read ranges due to a high gain of 10 dBi .

If interested in purchasing in volume, please either call or email us about your order. Volume discounts apply.

Additional information

Weight 3.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × .98 in


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