Intermec IA33H Antenna – RHCP (FCC)


Spec Sheet


The IA33H Panel Antenna is designed for a longer read range – it supports stationary RFID applications in indoor, FCC-regulated environments where readers must spaced at greater distances. The IA33H Panel Antenna is a right-hand circularly polarized antenna; for left-hand circular polarization, see the closely related IA34B.

∗This Antenna is RIGHT HAND CIRCULAR POLARIZED. Operation is within the Federal Communications Commissions range of 902-928 MHz.

Brief Specifications

  • Frequency: 902 – 928 MHz
  • Polarization: Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP)
  • Gain: 10 dBi
  • Size: 14.61 x 14.61 x 1.57 (in); 371 x 371 x 40 (mm)
  • Connector: Reverse polarized N female

Why buy the Intermec IA33H?

The IA33H antenna is a right-hand circular polarized panel antenna appropriate for use in indoor, FCC regulated environments. It can be used to support stationary RFID applications requiring long read range.

If interested in purchasing in volume, please either call or email us about your order. Volume discounts apply.

Additional information

Weight 4.41 lbs
Dimensions 14.61 × 14.61 × 1.57 in


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