The Importance of Backing up your RFID Data


RFID Data Backup

Today’s business runs on data. Sales leads, financial documents, RFID data, all of this information is crucial to your business staying in business. According to a survey of IT pros over 40% say the business they work with would go out of business if they lost their crucial information. Yet over 30% of today’s businesses are still not using any form of backup and over 48% have reported data loss of some type in the past year.

While this can seem like a daunting problem the good news is that it’s easily fixed. A backup tool, like Carbonite or Mozy can enable you to quickly, securely and automatically back up all of your important data. Here are some quick tips on things to look for when you select a backup tool:

  • Local and Cloud – In general backups are divided into two types: local and cloud. Local backup is stored on a device in your office and cloud backups are stored in secure data centers far away from your location. Local backup has the advantage of being quicker to back up and recover since the drives are right at your location. However in the event of a natural disaster or problem at the office your backup may be gone right along with your computers. Cloud backups are a bit slower to back up and recover from but protect you from any kind of local disaster. An IT best practice is to use a hybrid backup solution that offers both local and cloud backup such as Carbonite’s Business Bundle will let you back up locally and then also have a second copy up in the cloud.
  • Security – Encryption is an important part of any backup solution. Especially if you’re using the cloud make sure to speak with your vendor about the type of encryption utilized. A good backup vendor will protect and secure your data before transfer to the cloud.
  • Support – Much like insurance the real value of backup is getting the data back when you need it. A good backup provider will have technical support available to help you if you ever need to restore any data. Email support is great but best practice is to have a phone number you can call to make sure you get everything back when you need it.

Backup is an important part of your IT system. Taking the time to evaluate different vendors and seeing which one works for you is a key part of making sure your business stays in business.

Got any great tips for data backup? Let us know in the comments!

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