RFID Tag Vendor: Omni-ID

Omni-ID RFID Tags – A Technical Look

Omni-ID offers a wide assortment of RFID tags suitable for many of the most challenging RFID environments. Each tag set has a different read range, based on the trade-off between tag size and performance.

Omni-ID began as an R&D team formed in the 1990’s within QinetiQ, an international defense and security technology company. This R&D team began exploring and challenging the boundaries of the current RFID technology. The result of their work was a groundbreaking technological improvement in the creation of passive UHF RFID tags that provide near perfect accuracy in harsh environments. This includes the most challenging conditions in the presence of metals and liquids. From this work Omni-ID was launched as a stand-alone company. Omni-ID is headquartered in Rochester, New York.

The company currently offers six different tag families: Adept, IQ, Dura, Power, Exo, and Fit.
When a Process/Industrial Engineer seeks to find best tag for a given application there are several very important attributes that must be considered. Omni-ID’s industrial RFID tags offer passive RFID, active RFID, and visual tag solutions with a wide range of performance, read distances (e.g., short range, medium range, long range, and ultra long range), and form factors (e.g., IT asset tracking (FSTC Compliant), contoured surfaces, pipes & cylinders, single use, slings & shackles, weldable) for a multitude of applications. Vertical market applications include IT Asset Management, the Energy Industry, Tool and Rental Equipment Tracking, as well as Manufacturing and Logistics.

Name Purpose Example Image
Adept tags: From a strap attachment tag for large cylinders, to a High Memory RFID tag and a steel-encased tag for very heavy industrial uses – this family of industrial RFID tags meet specialty use cases and non-traditional applications (cylinder tracking, pipe/yard management, harsh environment container tracking, and manufacturing). Special purpose Omni-ID Adept 360° RFID Tag  adept tag
IQ tags: Omni-ID’s line of low-profile and printable on-metal RFID labels are used primarily for tracking IT Assets in data centers and offices. With print, peel and stick flexibility tagging IT Assets is simple, cost effective, and efficient. With both global frequencies, balanced performance for both on/off metal or with a tethered attachment this broad range of passive RFID label products come in a variety of sizes and read ranges. IT Asset Tracking Omni-ID Prox Label RFID Tag  iq tag
Dura tags: Deployed today in some of the harshest environments on earth – Omni-ID’s Dura range are the most rugged passive RFID tags in the industry. Used primarily for RTIs, field equipment and container tracking, these tags provide persistent, reliable performance on/off metal and near liquids for tracking industrial assets in the oil & gas, construction and automotive industries. Heavy Duty Omni-ID Dura 3000 RFID Tag  dura tag
Power tags: Omni-ID offers a variety of Active RFID tags. The Power 415 with its combined Active RFID and open IEEE protocol is capable of tremendous performance while tracking assets in harsh environments and is certified intrinsically safe (ATEX/ IEC-Ex) and (C1/D1) for use in dangerous environments. Our Power 50 utilizes the latest Battery Assisted Passive Technology (BAP) and expands the rugged and impact resistant range of Omni-ID’s Active RFID tags. Active RFID Omni-ID Power 400 RFID Tag  power tag
Exo tags: True to their name, these encased RFID tags provide the durability necessary for applications requiring a small footprint in a harsh environment. With options for on/off metal and a variety of sizes these tags are ideal for tool tracking, tracking industrial assets as well as tracking small containers and RTIs in manufacturing. Encased Omni-ID Prox Rigid RFID Tag  exo tag
Fit tags: With the industry’s best size to performance ratio – the FIT range of tags includes a wide variety of the smallest, lowest profile RFID tags on the market. From the ability to survive 225 degrees C High temperatures in cyclical applications, to the flexibility of on/off metal performance, and the ability to embed at the point of manufacture – these passive RFID tags are ideal for tool, medical, and small equipment tracking. Embedded Omni-ID Fit 400P RFID Tag  fit tag


The Omni-ID RFID Tag Families

US Patents US7880619 and US7768400 (as well as patents in Europe and Asia) form the foundation of the Omni-ID on-metal/near liquid RFID intellectual property. Traditional tags are based on antennas, which do not work when placed near metal or many liquids. Omni-ID’s patented “Plasmonic Structure” design uses layers of conductors and dielectrics to isolate the RF from the tag’s surrounding environment, which ensures the tag performs successfully on/near metal and liquids.

Does your project requirements have special needs—especially on metal or near liquid– for your tags or labels that Omni-ID can provide a solution for? They offer a wide variety of tag and label solutions and should be considered for almost any RFID project requirement you may have.

See the Omni-ID web site for the latest information on all of their tags and labels: http://www.omni-id.com

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