RFID Tags Used for Tracking Household Items

KeysDo you misplace your keys? How about your phone, your wallet, or your tablet? Sometimes you wind up putting something down around your house and just can’t seem to find it again—no matter how hard you look. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent against that, and it’s all thanks to RFID tag technology.

RFID Tags around the House

When you lose a small, important item, then the last thing you want to do is frantically search for it while you’re about to head out the door. That’s when RFID tags can come in handy.

Paired with an app, RFID tags can be extremely useful. Already, there are several different companies that have employed RFID tags to create item trackers. For example, TrackR allows you to attach a coin-sized RFID tag to items before using an app to track it. There are also other, newly-developed apps. FindMyStuff, in particular, tells you exactly where your lost item is through the combination of a RFID chip and a ZigBee radio.

Benefits of RFID Tags

RFID tags are small, discreet, and can be attached to almost any device. This is especially useful when you’re dealing with expensive items, such as laptops or tablets. Being able to not only have a discreet tag attached, but also locate the device wherever it is can be of huge use to anyone who has ever lost their keys.

RFID tags, in particular, don’t require much in the way of power. This means that you can track the item without worry of it failing. For FindMyStuff, it becomes a little more complicated. If the RFID tag is not in range of a reader within your house, then the radio boots up. This requires a bit more power, but still accomplishes the same goal of finding your lost item.

RFID Tags Available

If you’re looking for a RFID tag that suits your needs, we have a full range of tags that can support what you’re interested in creating. Whether you’re trying to create an item tracker or something else entirely, Gateway RFID is a great place to start.