Macy’s Uses RFID Tags on 100 Percent of Items

ClothingRFID tags are being used more and more in applications that range from animal tracking to marathon races. But where they’re really appearing is in retail. In fact, Macy’s recently stated that they’re going to be tagging 100 percent of their items in order to keep track of where those items end up. This could be huge in terms of price saving in the long run.

RFID Tags Save Time

RFID tags store information at their core. This means that each tag can be associated with a certain product and, in theory, can give information about the item, the size of the item (if it’s an article of clothing), and the color of the item among other essential pieces of information.

Because RFID tags store information, employees can scan an item without opening it to find out what it is. They can then ship it out to the correct address without the worry that it’s the wrong item. More specifically, RFID tags save time in terms of processing an item and preparing it for shipping.

RFID Tags Used by Macy’s

The use of RFID tags has spread over time. In 2015, Macy’s announced that it was expending its RFID-tagging deployment to all lines of businesses at its sources. Now, in 2016, Macy’s has announced that it hopes to tag all items by the end of 2017.

“You find this natural ability to expand and do additional things that have a big impact on sales and profitability,” said Bill Connell, Macy’s senior VP of logistics and operations, during RFID Journal’s second annual RFID in Retail and Apparel conference and exhibition.

Currently, Macy’s is expanding its use of RFID tags into product beyond apparel, such as samples.

RFID Tags Save Money

RFID tags allow for frequent inventory counting. This means that retailers can make sure that they have certain products on hand for their customers. Being able to re-stock means that retailers can compete with online merchants, as well. And this means that they’re more likely to turn a profit.

It also saves employees from having to visually inspect every item. By instead using RFID tags, stores can make sure that they save time and also money by determining how much of each item is in stock.

RFID Tags for Retail

Using RFID tags for retail purposes can be a great way to save time and money while tracking inventory. And if you’re looking to use them in your stores, there are many options available depending on what products are being tracked. Feel free to take a look at our online items, or email us to ask how we can help.