RFID Tags Create Futuristic Smart Mailboxes

mailboxImagine a mailbox that could lock itself after mail was delivered, and could flag down delivery drones. Imagine if this same mailbox could be hooked up to a security system and then scan your driveway for safety. Does it sound too good to be true? A researcher from Columbus State University has managed to create the prototype of a mailbox that has the capability for all of these things.

RFID Tag Technology for New Applications

The new mailbox was created by researchers in an effort to help autonomous vehicles find the appropriate addresses in order to be able to deliver packages. In this case, the researchers created a device called ADDSMART. This particular piece of technology incorporates a high-frequency 13.56 MHz RFID reader in addition to a USB camera, passive-infrared motion sensor, solenoid lock, and Wi-Fi module. It also includes an RFID tag.

As Amazon begins the process of using drones for delivery, mailboxes such as these could potentially play a huge role. They could allow drones to pinpoint locations for delivery.

RFID Tags On a Mailbox

The new technology would work via an almost simplistic method. The mailbox would be tagged with an RFID tag, while the drone would have a RFID reader. The drone would use GPS to navigate to an address, and then confirm that the address was correct by reading the RFID tag on the mailbox. This would help prevent packages from being delivered to incorrect locations.

In addition, the mailbox could also have a RFID reader. When this reader detects a homeowner’s RFID tag, or a postman’s RFID tag, it can unlock so that mail can be delivered. If it detects a postman’s RFID tag, in particular, the mailbox can then send an email to a homeowner. This email would tell them that mail has been delivered for the day.

RFID Tags Today

Current plans for this RFID technology includes testing the system under different conditions. The researchers also want to look at potential interference with other nearby smart mailboxes and how it impacts the success of the device.

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