How RFID Tags May Transform Your Clothing in the Future

ClothingRFID tags can be used in all sorts of applications and now, one fashion designer is looking at how they can be integrated into clothes. Imagine putting on a coat jacket that your smartphone can then “read” to tell you more information about it. That’s exactly what some are aiming for when it comes to clothes.

How RFID Tags Can Change Fashion

In this case, RFID tags are being used in a new or different way. They’re being connected to smartphones in order to convey new and different information to a consumer. As an example, the jacket could tell you where it was made, information about its design and the materials it was made out of, and possibly even details about the exact factory where it was created.

In addition, these RFID tags could also be used to give consumers exclusive content. For example, the RFID tag in a coat or other item could be used to gain access to a fashion show instead of using a ticket.

Internet-Connected Clothing

Already, there is clothing that can connect to the Internet. A smart bomber jacket, called Bright BMBR, has a NFC chip that allows it to act as a VIP pass to different events around New York. This includes a tasting menu for two at a tapas spot called Toro, and a personal tour of a New Release art gallery. It also allows for entry to some exclusive clubs.

This is only the beginning, as well. There’s the possibility for clothes that can connect to your smartwatch and other technology in order to make your outfit more interactive, such as the jewelry we described in our other blog post.

RFID Tags for New Applications

While clothes may be getting “smarter” with the use of RFID tags, they are being used in other ways all over the world. RFID tags are being embedded in cars in order to make toll roads flow more easily, and there are RFID tags being used in wildlife tracking, as well.

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