New Amazon Go Stores Use RFID Technology

Grocery StoreImagine walking into a store, grabbing everything you need off the shelves, and then walking straight out the door without waiting in line at a cash register or at a self-checkout. That’s exactly what Amazon Go is promising. With the use of imaging technology and RFID technology, Amazon Go is creating a whole new shopping experience.

RFID Technology for Amazon Go

The patent filings for Amazon Go describe a system that uses technology, including RFID technology, to detect when a shopper takes an item from a shelf. Then, the system uses the data to sync it to a handheld device.

The system itself logs the data as the shopper is going along. This eliminates the need to go through a traditional checkout line. And if a shopper puts an item back on the shelf, that’s also recorded.

Paying with Amazon Go

While the system detects the items, you may wonder how exactly you manage to pay for the items. It’s actually relatively simple; the shopper has an Amazon account, and the system automatically deducts the amount purchased from the account once they leave the store.

In addition, the system uses past purchase history and what items the user has picked up from other inventory locations to determine the exact product. As an example, if the person has usually only picked up ketchup rather than mustard, the system will determine that the user has likely picked up ketchup.

New RFID Technology

More important is the fact that RFID technology is being used in new and interesting ways. It’s creating smart clothing, smart shopping, and more. Because it can track assets, it can create faster, more-streamlined systems that help consumers in the modern world.

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