RFID Tags Created for Hack-Proof Devices and Secure Information

hacker-1569744_960_720Everyone knows RFID tags store information. Not only that, but these tags are used in everything from passports to ID cards and more. What happens if these tags are “hacked” and information is taken by a hacker, though? This could cause major issues for those that want to keep their personal information private. This is exactly why one group of researchers is looking at a way to create hack-proof RFID tags.

How RFID Tags Could be Hacked

RFID tags work largely by broadcasting information to electronic RFID readers. In theory, if hackers eavesdrop on this “conversation,” they may be able to gain access to or tamper with the information. This could mean industrial espionage as hackers gain sensitive information about inventory levels, trading volumes, trading partners, or more. Needless to say, it’s important to maintain the security of RFID tags.

Creating Hack-Proof RFID Tags

Researchers at the Singapore Management University School of Information Systems are now looking at ways to create anti-hack RFID tags. More specifically, they’re designing and testing new RFID protocols with enhanced security features. As an example, they’ve developed strategies that make the protocol’s output unpredictable by making two tags that are indistinguishable to the hacker. This creates a situation that prevents hackers from obtaining useful information if they manage to interact with tag itself.

The researchers aren’t just focusing on this method, either. There are many instances in which sharing RFID information between various stages of the supply chain could be useful. However, many companies are reluctant when it comes to making valuable information readily available. That’s why the scientists are designing improved access control mechanisms that protect RFID information when it’s shared on the internet.

How RFID Tags Can Benefit from Anti-Hacking Technology

If anti-hacking technology is implemented in RFID tags, then information can be shared more freely without the worry of hackers. This, in particular, could be a huge benefit for both retailers and suppliers.

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