RFID Tag Manufacturer Highlight: Omni-ID

Here at Gateway RFID, we are proud to work with all of our esteemed manufacturers. We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the myriad ways in which Omni-ID improves workflows across multiple industries.

Omni-ID Background

Back in the 1990s, Omni-ID was formed as an R&D team as part of QinetiQ, which provided services within the defense and security sector. Ultimately, RFID research and development for QinetiQ led to Omni-ID becoming its own RFID solutions company after creating passive UHF tags that could survive in the harshest environments. Not only did the tags survive, but they thrived, providing unmatched accuracy.

Since then, Omni-ID has been collecting awards for their work, including the following prestigious recognitions:

  • 2016 BIG Innovation Award
  • 2015 Emerging Technology Award (Most Outstanding RFID Solutions Globally)
  • 2015 CIO Review (Most Promising Oil & Gas Technology Solution Providers
  • 2012 RFID Journal LIVE! Best in Show

Since 2008, Omni-ID has won over fifteen awards for their work in developing reliable and durable RFID tags. Their tags serve different purposes, for different industries and their relative requirements.

Adept RFID Tags

Omni-ID Adept RFID tags are designed for special purpose use. They are available in multiple formats, including steel-encased tags, which are designed for heavy industrial use. The Adept strap attachment tag for large cylinders is designed to operate in harsh environments.

Dura RFID Tags

The Dura RFID tag is rugged and heavy duty, designed for harsh and demanding environments. This tag is most commonly used on returnable transport items (RTIs), or tracking field equipment and containers. The Dura is perfect for use in automotive, oil & gas, military, and construction because not only can be used on or off metal, but also near liquids.

Exo RFID Tags

Exo RFID tags are encased to offer protection from harsh conditions. Known as a small footprint tag, these tags are designed to track tools, industrial assets, RTIs, and small containers. They come in a variety of sizes, with options for on or off metal use.

Fit RFID Tags

Omni-ID’s Fit RFID tags are embedded, which is perfect for meeting low-profile requirements. They can even be embedded during manufacturing, and are ideal for tracking both rental equipment and tools. The Fit RFID Tag can be used both on and off metal.


Last, but not least, we have Omni-ID IQ RFID tags. Fully FSTC-compliant, these are designed to suit varied needs. They can work on or off metal. They can be tethered. They come with a variety of read ranges, in a variety of sizes. IQ RFID tags are most commonly used in IT asset tracking, or with office equipment.


Omni-ID’s RFID tags enhance workflow across an array of industries, from military to information technology. They improve inventory computation accuracy, and provide superior efficiency for managing supply chains. We here at Gateway RFID Store are proud to sell Omni-ID RFID tags. Give us a call at (866) 792-0031 if you’d like assistance choosing which one will best meet your needs.