RFID Asset Tracking Case Study: The Black Tux Tuxedo Rentals

RFID tags can be used to track everything from wildlife to packages. Now, though, one company is using them to track something else: tuxedos. The Black Tux has announced that it’s going to be implementing RFID tags as a way to reduce garment processing time and improve order accuracy.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

How RFID Tags Can Increase Accuracy

RFID tags have the ability to store information about the item that it’s attached to. For example, it can include a suit’s style, color, and size. This allows personnel to quickly scan a package to find out what is inside it, without ever having to touch the clothing.

By having RFID tags, it’s less likely that orders will be mixed up. Because all of the information is on the tag, mislabeled packages can quickly be identified. Instead, the correct item can be shipped to the correct location.

RFID Smart Tag Technology

RFID tags also took on a new use for The Black Tux. In this case, they created a new tuxedo rental model to guarantee fast and accurate delivery of tuxedos and formal wear with the help of RFID tags. The tags allow The Black Tux to process orders quickly and accurate while reducing labor costs.

This is especially important for rentals, which can have delayed shipping times. By reducing the amount of time it takes to process the clothing at a warehouse, The Black Tux speeds up the rental and return processes.

In addition, the tags ensure that mix-ups don’t occur. Suit rentals are usually time sensitive, which means that shipping the correct item is crucial. The new system ensures that the right colored tie and the correct suit arrive on time.

RFID Tags for the Future

RFID tags are being used for different applications each and every day. Whether it’s for tracking foot races, tracking tuxedos, or other applications, RFID technology is becoming more of a part of our daily lives.

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