RFID Printer Vendor: Zebra Technologies

Zebra RFID Printers – A Technical Look 

Zebra Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of RFID printers.

Zebra RFID printers allow you to identify, track, manage, and optimize assets with RFID tags and labels. From the first link in your supply chain to the last, Zebra RFID printers have the flexibility to meet different business needs, including your new RFID implementation requirements. Zebra offers a wide range of RFID printers — from mobile to high-output industrial solutions. Three key Zebra RFID printer families include:

  • The R110XI4 RFID Printers Family
  • The ZT400 SERIES RFID Printers Family
  • The ZD500R RFID Printers Family

The R110XI4 RFID Printers Family

This high-performance RFID encoder and printer delivers superior flexibility, high print speeds, and high media roll capacity for more productivity. The R110XI4 RFID printer family can be used for high-volume applications, asset tracking, inventory management, and cross docking.

The ZT400 SERIES RFID Printers Family

The ZT400 Series RFID printer/encoders offer advanced features for reliable printing and encoding, even in tough environments. The ZT400 Series RFID printer family is very versatile and can be utilized for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Distribution
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Work-in-Progress Tracking
  • Document and Patient Records Management
  • Back-of-Store Operations
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Product ID/Serial Numbers
  • Security Tagging
  • Specimen/Laboratory/Pharmacy Labeling
  • Cross Docking

The ZD500R RFID Printers Family

Bring UHF RFID printing to your desktop. This small, easy-to-use printer delivers advanced features in a compact footprint for convenient, simple operation. The ZD500R RFID printer family can be used for medium volume applications, item level exception tagging, in-store tagging of returned goods, specimen tracking, and RFID wristbands. 

Does your project requirements have requirements that include the use of an RFID printer that Zebra can provide a solution for? They offer a wide variety of printer solutions as well as tags and labels that should be considered for almost any RFID project requirement you may have. Printers should be considered based on cost, number of tags and labels to be printed, where the printers are to be located, and other factors.

See the Zebra web site for the latest complete information on all of their RFID printers https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/printers/rfid.html.

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