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rInsight meets existing design standards is designed to fulfill the standards of health care, government & defense, recreation & leisure, warehousing and manufacturing industries. This allows users to gain enterprise-wide visibility for their patients, staff and/or critical assets in order to allow optimal decision making, operational efficiency, risk management and reasonable price.

If interested in purchasing in volume, please either call or email us about your order. Volume discounts apply.

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2.6.x Fixed Reader Support Only Without Map View (Requires 1 Adapter per Reader), 2.6.x (Limit 10 Mobile Devices Only) (Includes 10 Device License Pack), 2.6.x (Limit 15 Mobile Devices Only) (Includes 15 Device License Pack), 2.6.x (Limit 10 Fixed Readers, Unlimited Users) (Includes rPlatform 3.5.x Standard), 2.6.x (Limit 10 Fixed Readers plus 5 Mobile Devices) (Includes rPlatform 3.5.x Standard), 2.6.x Institutional (Limit Single Server, Unlimited Users) (Includes rPlatform 3.5.x Standard)


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